Biography: Who is Courtney Minor?

"I explore alternate worlds with my art. I put those worlds into physical form whether with abstract figures, graffiti style motifs or a combination of both. I translate this into original art works, fine art prints, home and personal goods. I hope you love what I've created and it brightens your day a little bit." - Courtney Minor, multidisciplinary artist (collagist/photographer), designer, and ethnographer 
"Imagine That?" 16x20x0.5 inch analog mixed media collage on canvas (all collage pieces are artist's own photography)
"Imagine That?" from new Things Hidden In Plain Sight Series (16x20 inch analog mixed media collage on canvas featuring artist's own photography)


Courtney Minor is Multidisciplinary artist specializing in collage, photography/film, assemblage and product design. Her work is rooted in her emotions, psychology/mental health, memories, travels, and love of science fiction.
Minor was born in Houston, Texas, USA, in 1984 and is a self taught Collagist at her core. Though taught the basics of art in elementary school & winning art awards at her private school, Minor took the long way around to becoming a professional artist. Early art mentor Kelvin Coney encouraged her to pursue her art, convincing her to do her first collage commission as an adult in 2007. However, between grammar school and that one off commission, Minor created no artworks until the winter of 2018. Working in her corporate job, she was unhappy and looked for an outlet for her creative musings. In an attempt to get away from it all, she flew to Vietnam for a break and began photographing herself, the locals and her surroundings. There she got her first idea to adhere her photographs to a canvas… to create a more thoughtful collage than what she had done prior. Upon returning to the USA, she delved head first into creating her collage works, first by printing her photographs to canvas paper then pasting images at varied scales onto the base canvas photograph. She began exploring incorporating other mediums such as acrylic paint and found object into her initial works. Her friends and mentor encouraged her to begin showing her work in the summer of 2019. Minor went on to an Instagram account, show her work Kell’s the Warrior Part 2 at Hang Night at the Heath Gallery in Harlem, NYC and allow a friend share her work with the art curator of Red Rooster Harlem. After that, as the saying goes, the rest was history.
Photo of Courtney Minor by fellow artist friend and fine art photographer Matthew Usukumah
By the winter of 2019, Courtney Minor began exhibiting at a varied of shows, fairs and galleries. She landed a brand partnership with Gap where she along with two other artist designed Gap’s 2020 Black History Month shirt and was one of the faces of the month long advertising campaign. Minor began exhibiting at both The Other Art Fair Brooklyn, where she won Director’s Pick of the fair and sold out many of her works, and at The Clio Art Fair, during which COVID hit the world. During the events of 2020, Minor was greatly affected by the social unrest affecting the world and her own personal struggles. It prompted her to  produce one of her most powerful works “Worry. Anger. Systemic. Pandemic.” that was acquired quickly for a private collection. This work was her first foray into graffiti as an element in her art. During the 2.5 year global shut down, Minor continued to create as a form of art therapy and showed via various online art exhibitions sponsored by art galleries, fairs and magazines.
During 2021, Courtney Minor experienced immense lost with the death of not only her father but three close family friends and several lost due to contracting COVID. To process her grief, Minor created her Blue Series, a series of analog collage portraits paying tribute to those lost and those living with the memory of loved ones taken too soon. It took all of 2022 for her to complete these works as well as grieve. It culminated in her created a site specific installation in her studio in Houston, TX and a public exhibition of her works at a gallery space in January 2023.
"Two Orange Moons: a study", 6x12 inch analog mixed media collage on plexiglass, created during 2023 ArtCrawl Harlem residency on Governor's Island (visit to see it live)
Minor now has returned full force to her art practice including winning art residencies in NYC during the summer of 2023 as well as international residencies in France, Mexico and Greece through 2024. Courtney Minor’s work can be viewed & purchased on her website or at her partner galleries: Singulart Gallery in Paris, Saatchi Art, 33 Contemporary and Kente Royal Gallery.


Self taught artist. Studied under Ulysses Grant

Selected Exhibitions


  • 2024 Chateau d'Orqueveaux Artist in Residence, Orqueveaux, France
  • 2023 ArtCrawl Harlem Artist in Residence, Governor's Island, NYC, USA
  • 2023 Arquetopia Artist in Residence, Puebla, Mexico
  • 2024 Skopelos Foundation for the Arts, Artist in Residence
  • "Metamorphosis Redacted" on Loan & Artist in Residence, Red Rooster Harlem


  • 2024 Individual Artist Fellowship and Grantee by Mid Atlantic Arts/New Jersey State Council on the Arts 
  • 2024 Artist to Watch by The Culture Candy and Up Magazine
  • Winner - Director's Pick, 2021 The Other Art Fair Brooklyn

Notable Collections

  • "Black Future is All of Us", Gap Inc HQ Collection
  • Private Collections, Houston, TX, USA
  • Private Collections, Berlin, Germany
  • Private Collections, Manhattan & Brooklyn, NY, USA
  • Private Collection, Washington, DC, USA
  • Private Collection, Albuquerque, NM, USA
  • Private Collection, San Francisco, CA, USA
  • Private Collection, Seattle, WA, USA
  • Private Collection, Miami, FL, USA
  • Private Collection, Palisades, New Jersey, USA
  • Private Collection, Fayetteville, AR, USA
  • Private Collection, Des Moines, IA, USA
  • Private Collection, Los Angeles, CA, USA



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