Kategorie: “Emotional Advisory” Series - New Original Fine Art

Playing on the theme of Boombox from her residency at the ArtCrawl Harlem house, The “Emotional Advisory - Vol. 1” series explores the intersection of key milestone memories in Courtney Minor’s life and her first time hearing specific hip hop songs/records. “It was loud and pointed. BOOOOOOOM, BOOM, BOOM. POP! BOOM BOOM BA-BOOOM! Those opening bars of “Next Movement” is still one of the greatest moments in hip hop history for me.” Then right after she hears the opening lyrics from Black Thought, lead lyricist of The Roots. “Once I heard that opening hook, my mind was literally blown.”  There is nothing like that euphoric feeling of hearing what would become one of your favorite songs for the first time. In other works, Courtney places herself in the work as both tempter and temptress and asks the viewer to question the choices they make, the impacts of those choices and who really is the villain/victim of the narrative.

overall, The works in this exhibition are grounded in mixed media analog collage with each piece serving as art in itself. It is important to look at the use of paint as well.